Trystien “Daunté” Pierre is a Dominican born singer/songwriter, performer, producer, and engineer who was raised on the island of St. John, U.S. Virgin Island.

He is known for his fusion of afrobeats, pop, lofi, islands pop and his passion for Soca (soul of calypso). Being brought up in the islands, soca played a major role in Daunté's upbringing. Raised in a musical family, Daunté learned to play various instruments such as the piano, steel drums and the drum set at an early age.

As a teenager, Daunté was gifted an akai MPC 2000xl (drum machine). This made him dive into beat making and ignited his love for production. As time progressed, he started to learn how to use DAW's (digital audio workstations), his first being FL Studio. In his early stages of life, Daunté would learn how to write poems and haiku's. Inspiriation for these peoms spanned from traditional folklore that his family members and community would talk about to reading sonnets by Shakepear. He eventually translated these poems in to songs. Daunté would ocassionally create songs and play them to his family and friends. With the encouragement of peers, he would begin to release music and perform at small venues.

A born performer, Daunté brings high energy and a performnce to remember. Throughtout his school years, Daunté participated in musical theatre, choir, and has won multiple talent shows and junior calypso monarchs. These talents have allowed him to perform in front of large audiences whether it be on stage or virtually. 

Daunté has collaborated with key players in the industry, each helping mold him as the creative he is today. Most notiable is the verteran in the soca industry, Kerwin Du Bois who saw the potential in Daunté and placed him under his tutalege after auditioning for S.P.U.T(sing, produce, unleash talent).

With a great eye for film, fashion and design, Daunté also produces works ranging from music videos, digital art, multimedia and apparel.

What Daunté brings to the industry is a unique blend that is unmatched, ready to give a breath of new life to the world of music, entertainment and fashion.